spitballing here but a YouTube playlist of video content you are into would be a nice perk? Also putting in another chip for an Apple Music version of that endless paywalled playlist. Note: I will subscribe, regardless - thank you for the great writing

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Nice blog! I just came across it.

Good pick with Wata. Although you couldn't find it, he is pretty damn consistent as a producer and DJ. I found out about him through his first EP as a techno artist. I've got it squirelled away somewhere. Did you know he used to play in a jazz band? My friend has that CD somewhere.

Hardwax is a must.

One of my fave DJs Finn Johannsen works there, sometimes. He's criminally underated imho. He's also a prolific writer. Please check him out if you're not familiar


Also, love Salamanda!

I came across them in the most casual of ways. When I lived in Seoul, I used to frequent a record store called Clique. It's still going and still great. It doubles as a nightclub at night - they put boards over the records, turn a discoball on and a DJ staets playing. Anyhow, Yetsuby's partner in crime Uman Therma occasionally works there and is super friendly and helpful. She casually told me she was releasing music as Salamanda. Great to see them gain traction over the last few years.

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Thanks for the music recommendations aka playlists and personal writing. Will the subscriber only playlists also available as Apple Music playlists?

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Congrats on the career shift! I think different types of articles on here (interviews, excerpts from your upcoming book, guest posts, whatever’s on your mind) would convince people to subscribe. Sorry to recommend “do more work” though. Excited about this playlist!

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